As the name suggests, you’ll find the Vroesenpaviljoen in Vroesenpark in Rotterdam Blijdorp. Situated among the trees, this would seem like the perfect place to escape the city centre crowds and totally relax.

And obviously I’m not the only person who has that idea. Browsing the Internet, I find several reviews praising the location. On the other hand, some visitors are disappointed with the service: ‘It’s sometimes so awkward that it’s funny’. Others mention the delicious homemade juices and that they come for the atmosphere. About time to try it out then. So one summery Thursday afternoon, a friend and I decide to try the terrace.

A nice place in the shade


The location is certainly unique in Rotterdam. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed; you could easily forget that you’re just a five minute bike ride from the bustling city centre. And the terrace is surrounded with trees, which means there’s enough seating in the shade. Which is certainly a bonus, because with temperatures rising above 30 degrees, sitting in the burning sun all afternoon is not everyone’s cup of tea.

A few things I missed were a bit of background music and some more students around me. On the other hand, there are plenty of dog owners in Vroesenpark, so if you’re looking for some company from a four-legged friend, I’d definitely advise you to come here.

Great service & freshly made smoothies

Contrary to my low expectations (due to the reviews), the service was not at all clumsy or slow. In fact, we were served in super quick time, even though the terrace was pretty full. Soon after taking our order, a vegetarian flammkuchen, a ginger-lemon cider and a freshly made smoothie appeared.


The flammkuchen (6.50 euros) was good and you could easily share it between two of you – a good alternative for bitterballen. As hoped, the homemade watermelon and raspberry smoothie (4 euros) was really fresh, an extremely tasty way of getting your daily portion of vitamins. The cider (4 euros) is deliciously refreshing and something different from a standard beer – which is also available here, along with gin & tonic, chilled white wine or homemade ice tea.

Another thing we noticed and loved is that you can keep filling up your glass with free water – brilliant in hot weather and something other hospitality outlets could learn from. We end our afternoon with a NICE water ice (1.75 euros) and then leave this oasis of peace to mix with the crowds in the city. We’ll certainly be back; the Vroesenpaviljoen is perfect for a chill afternoon outdoors!