The bar is hidden away in the Scheepsvaartkwartier. And without instructions, you wouldn’t find it. What’s more: without stories from friends, you probably wouldn’t even know of its existence. Those who have been help to uphold the ‘myth’. Everyone realises that this is too good to advertise.

Which is why the bar has been open since 2012 and still keeps its secrets. Take the two 20 somethings standing in front of the big green door on Thursday evening – only a small Rod of Asclepius providing a hint. It’s dark and the blond girl is wide eyed. She wants to tell, but thinks: “The house rules don’t allow it.” She stops talking abruptly.

No phones

A man in a lab coat opens the door. It’s dark inside. Candles and a ‘medical whiff’ give the room atmosphere. The man – bartender Alberto – points to the house rules. No phones, no photos – except for 1.50 euros using the bar’s polaroid – and no smooching.

What follows would be a shame to divulge.

Processed with Rookie Cam
The only allowed photo of the interior was a polaroid.

What we can say is: it’s brilliant inside. The doctor’s theme is elaborated in detail. Cocktails are called medicines, the bartender refers to himself as doctor. You are only admitted with your patient number. That’s mailed to you after an online booking.

Get there soon

EM_Kroeg Dokter

In that sense, Dr. is already much more accessible. In the early years, this website didn’t exist and guests could only book on a secret phone number. More like the kind of secret bar that provided the inspiration and which was particularly popular during the American prohibition last century.

So get yourself along to the ‘doctor’ soon. With your girl, with your parents – there was a family at the bar – or with your boyfriend from afar. Before the masses find it. Which won’t be good for the bar.