Feyenoord hasn’t been champion of Dutch football in so long that most university students cannot recall the last time they won. For years the Rotterdam club’s famous songs, which glorify past victories and traditions such as celebrating on the Coolsingel, have sounded more nostalgic than anything else.

Now, after more than 18 years of disappointment, those songs speak truth after Feyenoord reclaimed their spot at the top of Dutch football on Sunday.

To get as sense of how it felt to finally be crowned champion, EM joined the festivities on Monday, hopped into the Hofplein fountain, and chatted with some of the University’s elated Feyenoord supporters.

Milan Boer (Communication and Media)

Milan Boer Feyenoord foto Laanen
Milan Boer has been waiting for the league title her entire life.

“Yesterday at the match was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. There was laughing and crying, joy and tears. It felt like total chaos and pure happiness. I work for Feyenoord, and I watched the match as I poured drinks behind the bar at De Kuip. When the game was over my dad ran behind the bar where I was working and picked me up as he cried of happiness. It was just bizarre. Feyenoord runs in our family, it’s in our blood. My great-grandfather played for the club, and so did my grandfather. I guess you could say we are real Rotterdammers.”

Robin van Zijl (Fiscal Economics)

Feyenoord Robin van zijl foto Laanen
Robin van Zijl proudly shows off his Feyenoord scarf on campus.

“It was crazy house out there today. I was near the Markthal, and you could barely move around amongst the sea of red that filled the city. The way it all went down yesterday, with Dirk Kuyt scoring a hat-trick to seal the title, it couldn’t have happened in a better way. It’s just amazing to finally see the Eredivisie trophy return to Rotterdam after more than 18 years. My father was especially happy since he is a true fanatic of Feyenoord. He taught me what it means to be a supporter of Feyenoord, and now I can finally celebrate a championship with him. One word: Champions!”

Peter Moane (Communication and Media)

Peter Moane Feyenoord foto Laanen
The ‘lucky charm’ of Feyenoord holds his homemade flag in front of the Markthal.

“I’m a big football lover, but I’ve never had a club that I could go to week-in-week-out. So when I moved from Ireland to Rotterdam I got myself a season-ticket at Feyenoord. Going there, I’ve never felt out of place or anything like that. I don’t know how to describe it, but being a part of this championship season has been surreal. I’ve had people tell me that I’ve brought the luck of the Irish, that I’m club’s lucky charm and all the other stereotypes. I guess its true though—one season ticket, one league title—that’s a 100% record. And the celebrations have been wild. I think its so cool to see 150,000 people dressed in the club’s colors, celebrating together in the middle of the city.”