Rotterdam, 22-03-2017EMDit ben ikZoëFoto: Ronald van den Heerik

Fashion “My style in a couple of words is black and simple. I wear everything black. I feel attracted to this colour and I really don’t feel any connection with other colours. When I shop, I only look at black items. It’s easier to style your wardrobe when everything is the same colour. My go-to outfit is a pair of high waisted jeans and a crop top. All black, of course.”

History “After high school, I fancied studying History, but I opted for Psychology as it also interested me a lot. However, when I got more free time from Psychology I decided to take up History too. I love to think about how we got here, as a human race. That’s what fascinates me about History the most. Ideally, I would love to combine History and Psychology in my future career.”

Roots “My surname is not what you could call ‘typically Dutch’. My dad is from Suriname whilst my mum is from Cape Verde. I got my last name from my mum, so my surname is Cape Verdean. This island lies off the coast of West Africa. I’ve always wanted to go there, but never had the chance. Similarly, I’ve never been to Suriname, but I’d love to go.”

Zoe boek

Favourite thing
Fantasy book
“I always have a book in my bag, because I really love to read. My favourite genre is fantasy, which is also the genre of this book “The bear and the serpent” by Adrian Tchaikovsky. The story is about a girl who tries to find her identity in a fantasy world that is divided into tribes whose members can shape-shift into the clan’s animal. I love the fact that she gets to construct her own identity throughout the story.”