Two days before the match, Antibarbari’s regular goalie Riley Basoski slipped on his way to the gents during a night on the town. Something of a ‘windfall’ for Rinke van den Berg, the goalkeeper of the second team. Van den Berg could be found manning the goal during the VUC game. Still, he had to let three balls through – in part due to a bungling Antibarbari defence. But the students of the ‘Flagship’ netted three points too, so that this tense match on the wind-swept ‘Antibarbello’ pitch ultimately ended in a draw.

Antibarbari’s performance has been a bit shaky these past few weeks, but the team still has its sight trained on a spot in the Second Class D sub-top. While the Rotterdammers hold eighth in the ranking, they are only six points down from the runners-up. A victory against competitors VUC (fourth place) from The Hague would have been more than welcome, in other words.

One eye

The Rotterdammers treated the spectators – many of whom cheered on the team with a beer in their hand, and one eye on the Dutch premier league match that was going on at the same time – to a messy start. A mistake in Antibarbari’s defence saw VUC scoring the opening goal.

And it didn’t take long before the Antibarbari goalie had to fish another ball out of the net. After the umpteenth misunderstanding in the home team’s defence, they were down 0-2 within half an hour.

Antibarbari’s Reimer Leunis is pulled by his shirt. Image credit: Jack Parker

Catch-up goal

But the other side mucked up quite a lot too. Meaning that near the end of the first half, Jesse Owie could take advantage of an error by VUC’s goalkeeper.

This catch-up goal revived the team’s spirits, and in the final 20, Antibarbari started putting on the heat. The equaliser came 15 minutes before the final whistle: Robin Ringelenberg cashed in a tight pass with a header.

Robin Ringelenberg cheering after scoring a 2-2 header. Image credit: Jack Parker


Two minutes later, the party was over when the wind blew the ball into the home team’s goal. But in the final stage of the match, the Antibarbari supporters once again had cause for celebration: the VUC goalie decided to let a ball roll – allowing Davey Ravestein to tap in the 3-3.

According to equaliser Ravestein, the result wasn’t so much determined by the absence of the team’s regular goalkeeper as by the weather: “In the second half we had the wind in our backs, which made things a lot easier.” While the 24-year-old medical student isn’t particularly pleased with the draw, he can live with it. “After being so far behind, we can be happy to end with 3-3,” is how he puts it.