On Wednesday afternoon, a long line of students waited to perform their democratic duty in C hall. At election time, the hall is turned into a polling station, so also for the General Election of 2017. After voting, EM asked students who they had voted for and why.

Yinzhen van Geelen (21), Econometrics and Business Administration

Yinzhen van Geelen – stemlokaal c-hal tweede kamerverkiezingen 2017 (27)

“I voted for Alexander Pechtold. I usually vote D66, and this time I had no doubts or use a party manifesto. I always check on the D66 site to see if there are any changes. Being a student, the main issue for me at the moment is education. D66 wants to keep the student loan system and invest more in education, which I feel is best in the long term. Good education produces well educated people who are not susceptible to terrorism, for example.”

Carmel van den Driessche (22), studies Economics and Business Economics

Carmel van den Driessche stemlokaal c-hal tweede kamerverkiezingen 2017 (30)

Rogier Beerendonk, first year Business Administration

“I’m voting for the first time this year. And I’m voting VVD. I’ve talked to a lot of friends about it and based my decision on our discussions. My parents didn’t play a role. In fact, I’ve no idea what they vote. I’m living away from home now and four years ago, I wasn’t so interested.”

Wieneke stemlokaal c-hal tweede kamerverkiezingen 2017 (15) – Wieneke