She was the subject of a song about the ‘lowest girl’ in the year, and the word was spread that she would go to bed for a packet of cigarettes and a bottle of Smirnoff.

On Wednesday, International Women’s Day, Milou Deelen voiced her criticism of the sexual morality within the student corps. “I was ashamed and felt deeply humiliated,” she wrote on Facebook. “When I challenged other corps members about this, the reaction was that it was just a joke. But, I never laughed, not once.”

“My sexuality is my affair and not material for your jokes,” Milou wrote. “Furthermore, I’ve just as much right to it as any man.”

'My sexuality is my affair’

She compares how differently men and women are treated within the corps. “When a male member has had sex and talks about it openly, it’s deemed cool. If a female member – like me – does the same, she loses respect and dignity. Today, we should take some time to think about this and, in particular, refuse to feel ashamed of our sexuality.”

The reactions under the message are harsh. Numerous women, and also men, support Milou’s action. But there are jokes as well. ‘Camel or Marlboro?’ responded Robert Penris from Amsterdam. The reaction ‘Loes, show me your pussy’ from Joost van Lemmen received 150, predominantly male, ‘likes’.

According to UK, the Groningen University newspaper, Milou is a member of Vindicat. However, neither Milou, nor any member of the Vindicat board were available for comment.