On Saturday Baros did what had to be done: win. At the Woudestein campus the frontrunner trounced its opponents, the Woodpeckers from Houten. From start to finish, Baros showed the handful of spectators they deserved to come out tops. Final score: 104-62.

But last week it transpired the leader can also be beaten. Baros lost at home and, for the first time this season, failed to win points. So a good result against the Woodpeckers was the mission.


The Baros players try to block a Woodpeckers’ attack Image credit: Jack Parker

Right from the off, Baros showed why they’re at the top: after just a couple of minutes the score was 11-0. The Woodpeckers couldn’t keep up and made lots of mistakes. The homeside made the most of that, racing ahead by the end of the first quarter already.

The Woodpeckers found their feet a little later on in the match but just couldn’t keep up with Baros, as the homeside merrily improved the goal difference.

100 points

During the second part of the match, Baros once again came out on top. As victory was a given, they upped the stakes: to exceed 100 points. Which they succeeded in doing; the match ended at 104-62.

“We needed that poor game last week to get us back on track”, says captain and EUR graduate (Psychology/Business Management) Onno Hutten.

Baros basketbal erasmus sport schot
Baros player Kelvin Vink ventures a shot. Image credit: Jack Parker


Hutten is ervan overtuigd dat Baros goed genoeg is om kampioen te worden: “We hebben een sterk, breed team. De basisspelers zijn goed, maar de jongens die op de bank zitten, kunnen het moeiteloos van hen overnemen.”

Bouwkundestudent Kelvin Vink sluit zich bij zijn teamgenoot aan. Hij gelooft in een kampioenschap voor Baros. “Dit kan niet meer mis gaan”, zegt hij stellig.