Five degree programmes at Erasmus University with a cap on student intake have received more enrolments than the number of places available. The most extreme case is the Bachelor’s in International Business Administration (IBA).

The international track in Business Administration has room for 575 students, but as many as 2,299 prospective students have actually enrolled. This is a 300 per cent over-subscription and more than any other single programme with a cap on student intake in the Netherlands.

Clinical Technology, a joint degree with TU Delft, the percentage is as high as 444. Medicine has also been heavily oversubscribed. 996 students want to participate in a programme with only 410 places. More than half of the enrolments for Criminology will lose out, because there are only 135 places available for the 307 actual enrolments.

Nanobiology, with 72 per cent, also has more enrolments than places available . There are no figures available for the International Bachelor’s in Psychology (150 places) and the International Bachelor’s in Communication and Media (200 places).

No draw procedure

Students are selected for the various degree programmes by means of decentralised selection, with the old centralised draw procedure no longer used. This involves writing a motivation letter, an assessment of personality and whether the prospective student has undertaken relevant activities in and out of school. IBA also wants to limit the total number of Dutch students to 40 per cent to ensure a good international mix. Those students who are not admitted are free to enrol in the Dutch-language version.

Dentistry top

Nationally, there are almost twice as many enrolments for programmes with a cap on student intake as there are places available. The programme with the greatest disparity is Dentistry in Nijmegen: 516 per cent. 413 prospective students enrolled in a programme that only has 67 places available. Fiscaal Recht (Tax Law) in Leiden actually fell short of its quota, with only 109 enrolments for 130 places. Prospective students are also able to enrol in multiple programmes at the same time.