Jeffrey loves a good party, Esmeralda is always after some special event, and Manon loves culture. Together they will provide you with two-weekly tips for a cool day or night out in Rotterdam.


Manon’s tip: Museumnacht010

You have probably seen the posters: Rotterdam’s Museumnacht010 will be taking place soon. Between 8pm and 1am on 4 March, 40+ venues in the city will open their doors. Since you definitely won’t be able to visit all venues in those few hours, I’ll present my personal favourites for those of you who would like some help deciding where to go. First of all, be sure to take a peek inside the Oogziekenhuis (Eye Hospital). This may not be the first place to spring to mind when thinking of a museum night, but even so I wholeheartedly recommend this place. You can take a guided (art) tour in the dark, step inside an eye with a four-metre diameter, attend an illusionist’s show, and much more. Be sure to take in the Gek van Surrealisme (Mad for Surrealism) exhibition at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, as well. In addition to the exhibition, there will be performances and guided tours. I am particularly looking forward to the tour guided by Pepijn Lanen, a.k.a. Faberyayo of “De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig” fame. You can close off your evening at Bar, which will not only display three young artists’ work, but will also allow you to stick around after 1am for a new club night, Pastelleº. Museumnacht010 tickets cost €17.50, which includes entrance to all participating venues.

Saturday, 4 March // Rotterdam // €17.50


Esmeralda’s tip: Fiesta Macumba

Have you secretly been a Latino all along? Obviously, I have – just look at that Spanish first name! So, obviously, I love rocking out to Latino music. If you feel the same way, Fiesta Macumba at Annabel’s will be right up your alley. Put on your most summery outfit, order a Mojito and pretend you’re in Spain. Even the music will be a cocktail of styles, ranging from salsa to tropical bass – anything to make you roll and shake those hips! This will be the kind of night that will banish the memory of cool winter days from your mind and transport you to the warm beaches of Spain. Feel like going on holiday to the warm South for a night (I know I do!)? Then buy your €10 ticket here and I’ll see you lighting up the dance floor on Saturday, 11 March!

Saturday, 11 March // Annabel // €10


Jeffrey tipt: Herr Zimmerman’s party

If you have kept your eyes peeled while going to Kralingse Zoom lately, you will have seen the catty posters, but even so, I thought I’d give a shout out to this special party. You see, we are about to have a provocative masked “tanz ball” at Factory 010. Herr Zimmerman and his wife, Fraulein Z, will be throwing the very first masked techno ball in the Netherlands on 11 March. Finally, we’re getting something special and exciting, as opposed to your average rave! No need for a three-piece suit or a crash course in waltzing, either. All you’ll need is a pair of techno-friendly shoes and clothes that will allow you to get wild to your heart’s content. So buy that €17 ticket, put on a mask, and maybe we’ll do some techno-dancing together! 😉

Image credit: Herr Zimmerman

Saturday, 11 March // Factory 010 // €17