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Thesis help or cheating?

Am I allowed to ask for help when writing my thesis? And at what point does this become cheating
Michael S.

The Student Charter 2016-2017 states: “Those who make use of other people’s texts or ideas should comply with the rules of citation that apply to the science discipline in question.” So the answer is ‘no’. In principle, help is not permitted because you either have to use your own ideas and write your own material, or you have to cite your source if you use someone else’s work. The RSM Examining Board concurs with this statement: “A thesis is considered an individual project. The coach and co-reader are the thesis supervisors and the student must complete the thesis as an individual project.” Of course you are permitted to make use of insights and ideas from third parties (in moderation), provided you cite your source references correctly. “The RSM Examining Board solely permits the use of additional assistance, such as the use of thesis writing assistance, within this framework. The student is required to disclose this information to the coach and co-reader.”


Why is this university named after Erasmus? He only spent a brief period of his life in Rotterdam many centuries ago.
Demi Suitela, Rotterdam

According to Adrie van der Laan, curator of Rotterdam Central Library’s heritage collection (making him one of Rotterdam’s chief experts on Erasmus), there’s a simple explanation. Erasmus was a: an eminent scholar, b: a resident of Rotterdam, and c: a globally recognised brand. “All of this taken together made his name the ideal choice for a university to be founded in Rotterdam.” Whether he was born in Rotterdam (most likely he was) and how long he actually lived here (only during his infancy) isn’t really relevant, says Van der Laan. “And the fact that he lived centuries ago is irrelevant. Saint Radboud is also from a completely different era than the current university in Nijmegen.” Erasmus, concludes the curator, epitomises Rotterdam, and he was a great advocate of education, knowledge and culture. “Just as EUR strives to be today.”