The RS women’s indoor football team couldn’t wipe out the disappointment of their departure from the cup earlier this week. The student team started strongly against RKAVV on campus Woudestein, but then relinquished their lead. The match ended in a bitter at 4-5 loss.

Last Monday, RS was thrashed 1-7 in the cup by Mazzel Stars. The competition match against RKAVV was supposed to end differently.

Het doel van RKAVV wordt onder vuur genomen. Image credit: Jack Parker


In a dismal atmosphere – only three spectators – the Rotterdam women were immediately on the attack. RKAVV were mainly forced to run after the ball and were soon 2-0 behind. But the visitors from Leidschendam didn’t panic. Thanks to one chaotic goal and a goal from a counter attack, they drew level.

Almost immediately, RS regained the lead, racing to 4-2, but then the counter stopped for the home team. RKAVV had one substitute more than RS and that made the difference. The students became tired, allowing RKAVV to quite easily get back to 4-4. The winning goal for the visitors was more luck than skill: a shot disappeared into the RS goal amidst a chaotic defence.

Aanvoerster Anna Koster maakt een actie. Image credit: Jack Parker


RS player Sarah Kroesbeek (Criminology student, 22) knows where the problem lies: “Things went wrong in the change of pace. Our defence was poorly organised.”

Kroesbeek admits that the RS players don’t always prioritise indoor football. There’s no indoor training at all. “Besides indoor football, most of us also play outdoors. If we had to add an indoor training session, we’d be playing football five days a week. We also want to do other things,” she says.