Bart Straatman will step down from his position as a member of Erasmus University’s Executive Board in September 2017. He announced his decision in an email to university employees.

Straatman will resign due to recurring health issues over the past few years. This is also the reason he is currently absent for a few weeks. In his email he wrote the following: “While this was a difficult decision for me, it was also a necessary one. It was a decision I made in the best interests of my health as well as EUR. I’m glad that I’ve finally decided on my future.”


“For the short-term, I will focus on resuming my duties this coming January. Since my health remains delicate, I decided, in consultation with my fellow Executive Board members, to modify my portfolio to some degree.” As part of these changes, the Crisis Management Team will be permanently transferred to Executive Board President Kristel Baele. A member of the Executive Board will also act as a backup person for all of Straatman’s duties in the event of his absence, but he will remain the contact person for his own activities.

Straatman (1956) became a member of the Executive Board in 2010. His primary duties lie in the area of finances, economic policy, university buildings and grounds, and information technology.