Burgemeester Oudlaan will be re-opened to the public on 23 December. After the opening, Collegelaan (on campus) will become a one-way street. Trams are not expected to resume their regular service until April.

For the time being, tram No. 7 will not ply its regular route. The municipal authorities are still working on Goudse Rijweg and Vlietweg, both of which are on the tram’s route. “We expect that work to be completed by April 2017, provided we don’t get a horror winter,” a spokesperson for the municipal authorities said.

Collegelaan now a one-way street

Nearly one year ago, in January 2016, the municipal authorities, in association with RET, embarked on a major overhaul of Burgemeester Oudlaan. They had tram tracks and sewers replaced and did some thorough road repair.

Once Burgemeester Oudlaan is re-opened, Collegelaan will become a one-way street. Suppliers will have to enter Collegelaan from Burgemeester Oudlaan and leave the campus on the Kralingse Zoom side.