RTV Rijnmond reports that an employee of Erasmus Medical Centre’s Anaesthesia department submitted €160,000’s worth of forged expenses claim forms in the course of four years.

The 35-year-old woman from Capelle submitted forged forms to the financial department and was given the requested sums in cash each time. She forged a manager’s signature. Sometimes she even sent colleagues to pick up the money.

According to her lawyer, submitting the expenses claim forms was a piece of cake for the defendant. “I feel that those receipts should have been a warning signal ages ago. I don’t wish to blame Erasmus MC, but I’m sure they’ve learned a lesson or two,” he told the local news channel.

“Husband did not notice a thing”

The judge said he was amazed by the fact that the woman had been able to spend so much money in such a brief period of time. “You were quite the spendthrift.” According to the defendant, her husband never noticed her compulsive buying disorder.

The woman said she was deeply ashamed. “At the time I didn’t really think of what I was doing. I just did it, and the thought that I might get caught never even crossed my mind.”

Previously, the woman was sentenced in a civil lawsuit to repay the entire sum she had fraudulently claimed, plus the hospital’s legal expenses, for a total of nearly two hundred thousand euros. She has embarked on a debt rescheduling programme.

On Monday, the judge also imposed a suspended six-month jail term. This term was shorter than recommended, as the judge took into account the fact that the defendant has four young children. “They must not pay the price for your acts,” the judge told the defendant.