On Tuesday afternoon, EUR Holding adviser Saskia Krijger was honoured with the second ENVH Athena Award. This annual recognition of contributions to the promotion of female talent was presented by Rector Magnificus Huib Pols and Chief Diversity Officer Hanneke Takkenberg during Erasmus University’s Dies Natalis.

“Saskia Krijger has always advocated greater diversity among staff and students,” quoted Takkenberg from the jury report. “The jury is particularly appreciative of how Krijger has frequently worked behind the scenes on others’ behalf, making a tremendous effort to create new chances for women and encouraging them to make the most of these opportunities.” For example, as Head of HRM at Erasmus School of Economics (ESE), Krijger was one of the initiators of the Mature Talent Programme – a project that focuses on attracting more talented female academics to ESE.

Certificate and painting

The Athena Award is an initiative of the Erasmus Network of Female Professors (ENVH). It was presented for the first time in 2015, to Maria Grever, Professor of Theory and Methodology of History. The Award consists of a certificate signed by the Rector Magnificus and the ENVH Chair and a painting by artist Sofja Wolsky.