As befits a star, he made a late entrance. But once Timor Steffens – known from the television programme ‘Dance Dance Dance’, broadcast by RTL – arrived on Monday evening, the place went wild. The room was packed with students interested in Steffens’s special hip hop workshop at Erasmus Sport.

Steffens has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson: a fact that, judging by the huge turnout, hadn’t gone unnoticed. By 8 p.m. around 100 fans had thronged to the dance hall, eagerly awaiting the dancer’s arrival.

The workshop opened with a warm-up by the Erasmus Dance Society’s hip hop teacher. After this, Steffens took the group on a world tour, offering samples of music and dance styles from across the planet.

The oddest dance moves

Image credit: Joshua Kruter

The States were represented by a Bruno Mars track, everyone got their booty bouncing with some Surinam vibes and even Dutch music was given a turn. Steffens showed the oddest dance moves. And of course the participants – after some confusion as to what he was up to now – had to follow suit.

In between dancing, Steffens enthusiastically talked about his passion with the group. “When you’re dancing, your colour of skin, your customs, which language you speak – none of it matters. Dance is a universal language in which differences between people fade away, and the most import thing is enjoying the rhythm of the music. Music brings people together,” according to the hip hop dancer. This remark met with thunderous applause. At the end of the workshop, Steffens recorded his pupils’ final dance routine for his Instagram account, after which he took some time to pose for group pictures and individual selfies – although he did remind people that he wanted “to be back in Amsterdam before midnight”.

Dies Sports Week

Various special events are being organised on campus this week in celebration of Erasmus University’s Dies Natalis. For example, in addition to the hip hop workshop, students can enjoy an afternoon of tag in the gym hall, or a two-hour Body Fit Challenge with live music. Check the information panels on campus for further details.