This year’s Erasmus MC – Tour de Rotterdam raised 56,000 euros for research into diabetes. Professor Eric Sijbrands was presented with the cheque this week.

On 25 June, over 2,300 cyclists rode the various routes through the Rotterdam region. Every year, the proceeds from the Tour go to a different project within Erasmus MC. The money collected by this year’s participants is going towards research into the use of a DiabetesStation.


A DiabetesStation allows a patient to check his or her fitness in a short space of time. Sijbrands is delighted with the money that he can use for his research. “The interest in diabetes research was immediately clear, not only before the Tour but also during it. I thought I’d be able to cycle ‘on the side’, but that wasn’t possible because one after the other the cyclists rode beside me to have a chat. There is obviously a huge commitment to this cause, which is fantastic to see. I’ll be there next year too, even though the proceeds will be going to another research project.”

It was not only the subscription money for the cycle ride that was donated to diabetes research. The municipality of Rotterdam also gave 1,000 euros and customers from Albert Heijn raised over 11,000 euros in deposit receipts.