If you’re a student who loves to go out, you don’t absolutely have to do it on a Thursday. Locus Publicus is a fine place to visit on a Monday. There aren’t many of those in Rotterdam, where most places are all but empty on Monday evenings – so much so that most pubs don’t even bother to open their doors on Mondays.

But hey, thirst is not limited to any days of the week, so if you are thirsty on a Monday evening, go to Locus, a beer pub with over two hundred types of beer on the menu, and order yourself a “doggie style” (caramel-flavoured American beer) or a gluten-free beer (what is this world coming to?).

One iPhone earbud

Image credit: Sanne van der Most

Or alternatively, order a Corona. You won’t be the only one doing so, although the bartender will laugh at you just a little if you do. A young man wearing one iPhone earbud (seriously, what is this world coming to?) shows how to go about it. After taking a sip, he tries to break in on his companions’ conversation by yelling. Thankfully, there aren’t too many idiots like him around here.

Incidentally, the bartender is a good one. His advice is useful, even if his service is a bit slow. He answers the question “Do you have anything fruity?” by putting a bright purple beer in front of us. Fruity? Check. It’s not algebra, but it is very nice.

You feel like a monk, sipping your beer in a dark, wood-clad building with a fireplace and paintings from a long-lost era. It’s nice, it’s great – it’s an authentic pub that is a breath of fresh air after all those hipster places. The only disadvantage is the smell. Your clothes will still smell of burned wood after you’ve gotten home.


You may find yourself spending a lot of time looking at the farmer sowing his land in a painting above the bar. Your reviewer was about to start daydreaming when a Belgian guy showed up at his side and asked sharply: “Amai, can I have this seat, please?”

Image credit: Sanne van der Most

A bit emotional


Because the later the hour, the fuller the pub. Many international students are gathering in the outdoor seating area or on the wooden benches inside. It only improves the already excellent atmosphere.

Speaking of atmosphere, it should be mentioned here that the pub’s lovely cat is dead. After many years of loyal service – she would sit in regular customers’ laps – the beloved pet passed away in early May. Her owner is still “a bit emotional”, but does intend to get a replacement one of these months.

Your reviewer will be very happy to offer up his lap.