The director of Rotterdam Business School (RBS), which is part of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, has been suspended pending an investigation into possible financial irregularities within his institute. This is reported by Profielen.

An external bureau will be conducting an investigation into the institute’s administrative records, invoicing and the director’s possible involvement in irregularities. The Executive Board of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has announced that it has already conducted an investigation in this area and has suspended the director on the basis of the preliminary results.

“Not a disciplinary action”

In a recent press release, the Executive Board stated that this is not a disciplinary action, but a measure to maintain order. “A measure to maintain order is taken to avoid disrupting the investigation, while a disciplinary action is a penalty,” according to one of the university spokespeople in an interview with Profielen.

The Executive Board has informed the workforce, the Chair of the institute’s participation council and the RSB team personally.