Partying, singing and getting to know the city. Eureka Week, held 15-18 August, is when new students prepare for student life in Rotterdam. Which components of the programme are too good to miss out on? Frederieke Dijkhuizen, a member of the Eureka Week Committee, was kind enough to provide us with some tips.

#1 A visit to Sparta football stadium

“‘Broaden Your Horizon’ is a new component of Eureka Week,” Dijkhuizen told us. “By means of several excursions students are introduced to things not directly related to student life. For instance, there will be a tour of Sparta Football Stadium. Chances are you will be allowed onto the pitch and will be taught a football clinic. Furthermore, you’ll be able to visit the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum or attend yoga and dancing lessons, which will give students a better impression of what Rotterdam has on offer. This year we will also put on special activities for groups we don’t normally emphasise: Master’s students and international students. For instance, Master’s students will be provided with practical advice on how to find a job more easily after graduating. International students will receive a few Dutch lessons, where they will be taught how to order a drink in Dutch, among other things.”

#2 Day at the Campus

“We’ve completely turned around the traditional ‘Meet the Campus’ event this year. In the old days, students would be received at their faculty and shown around the campus. Now there will also be all sorts of workshops. You will be able to play crazy sports such as bubble football with student societies, and what’s more, there will be a bus with a DJ on campus, which will make your introduction to the place where you may spend the next five years or so even more fun.”

#3 Eating Pizza at Kralingse Plas Lake

“On Thursday you will be able to make a perfect recovery from a late night out on the banks of gorgeous Kralingse Plas Lake, where you will be able to enjoy some pizza. After your brunch, you can go sailing or rowing. Or alternatively, your brunch will serve as a proper preparation for the Urban Escape Festival, as you will have a solid base of food for later drinking and you won’t have to walk far to the festival.”

Image credit: Wikimedia

#4 Urban Escape Festival

The Urban Escape Festival has been revamped, as well. “For the first time in the history of Eureka Week, we will have a mini-skiing shelter, where we will be playing all sorts of après-ski music,” said Dijkhuizen. “Many student societies will attend the festival, which will be held on PAC athletics club’s premises, to present students with information leaflets. Afterwards there will be a barbecue.”

#5 De Night of the Songs

“The Night of the Songs will close off Eureka Week. What makes it really special this year is that it will be taking place at Laurenskerk Church, after being held at Villa Thalia last year. How often do students get the opportunity to party inside a church? There will be a major party where the crowd will be able to sing along to songs whose lyrics will be projected onto a big screen. We will mainly play pop songs. Since everyone will join in the singing after a few drinks, it’s the kind of party that is all about togetherness. After all, by that stage you will have got to know the other attendees a lot better.”