The number of students participating in Eureka week has risen again compared with last year. While there were 2,800 in 2015, this year 2,900 freshers will enjoy an introduction to Erasmus University Rotterdam and the surroundings.

The Eureka week committee has had to make a few minor adjustments to accommodate the increasing number of participants, says Rachel Ligtvoet, president of the Eureka week committee: “We’ve drafted in a few more guides and arranged more eating places. Otherwise, not too much has changed.”

Maximum capacity

Incidentally, the rise in registrations isn’t so unexpected, however. The number of first years who enrolled in EUR also rose compared with last year. In addition, last year’s maximum capacity was 2,800, but that was increased to 2,900 this year.

Eureka week takes place from 15 to 18 August. The Eureka week programme can be found here.