Knowledge must be shared, according to the European Ministers of Research and Innovation. From 2020, all papers by EU scientists must be freely accessible to everyone.

Scientific knowledge may no longer be hidden behind a paywall, the European Ministers of Research & Innovation have decided. Publicly funded research must be accessible to everyone, whether they are scientists or not.

By making knowledge and data freely accessible, other researchers will be able to use it more easily. Scientists and publishers will only be able to deviate from this requirement where it concerns intellectual property or when it could infringe privacy or endanger security.

Social importance

The member states also want less emphasis on publication and citation scores in the academic and scientific world. The social importance of the research should weigh more heavily.

The European ministers also want to boost the knowledge economy in Europe. Start-ups generate employment and innovation. Entrepreneurs will therefore be given a special start-up visa. This will mean they no longer have to apply for a separate visa in each member state, making it easier to work across borders.