What catches the eye is the colorful walls and the spacious location. Board members and volunteers are still adjusting the last details, running around entertaining visitors who came for the opening of the pop up restaurant. After a few inconveniences, Happietaria Rotterdam officially opened on Tuesday evening. Sponsors, volunteers and clients were welcomed at the new location close to Delfshaven with drinks and live music.

Not only for students

“We put a lot of work and effort into it”, stated Daan van de Ven (19), volunteers coordinator at Happietaria. “Therefore, we are so glad, that this is finally happening.” Daan explained that Happietaria is a volunteered-based projects which mostly relies on students-volunteers to keep the restaurant going. “Although most of our volunteers are students, anybody is welcome to become a volunteer. Anybody can subscribe for a shift on our website.”



As for the volunteers, anybody is welcome to come and eat at Happietaria. The restaurant offers a fixed menu which includes various options including vegetarian dishes. “We also organize Monday Night for students.” continued Daan “This is a special offer that targets a student audience especially. There will be live music too.” The restaurant offers inexpensive prices and a panoramic view of Rotterdam’s harbor. 

During the opening ceremony which lasted about an hour, a few speeches were given. Including one by the project coordinator of Happy Gift, the organization which overlooks Happietaria’s work and one by the president of ZOA, the organization in charge of the Burundi project. The project seeks to improve the living conditions in the Nothern area of Burundi, building water sources close to schools. Marjen ter Harmel from Happy Gift used praising words to address the work of the board and volunteers. She declared herself to be enthusiastic and hopeful for a better world in the light of the work Happietaria is doing. Happietaria will close their doors on the 23rd of June. In five weeks, their goal is to gather 30.000 Euros to devolve to the Burundi project.

Happietaria people
Visitors at Happietaria