Why use the elevator when you can reach the top within less than two minutes? The 2016 Trappenloop participants show that it can be done. On Thursday, 32 participants battled in the three different distances that were offered, namely, ten floors, eighteen floors and team relay. Among the participants there was only one female, Rosanne Baars, president of EUR-Roadrunners, who took part in the ten floors competition scoring 1.30,13.

trappenloop podium
The podium of the 18 floors competition. From left to right, Ruben Boutens, Chung Key Lam and Oemar van de Woerd

Less than two minutes to reach the top

Unbothered by the warm and humid weather, the participants of the ten floors distance managed to set a new record, being the fastest 10 floors competition yet. The winner, Chung Key Lam, master student of Quantitative Finance stopped the chronometer at 49,44 seconds preceding Ruben Boutens (52,31), who has been Vice world Champion in Karting back in 2010 and studies Financial Economics, and Chang Fu Jin (52,40) who studies Financial Economics.

In the eighteen floors distance, Chung Key Lam prevailed on his opponents once again scoring 1.51,80. Ruben Boutens came second only by eleven- hundreds followed by Oemar van de Woerd, bachelor student of Health Sciences, who stopped the clock at 1.55,14.

In the relay competition the team called ‘No elevator, no problem’ dominated the finish line completing the challenge in less than one and a half minute: 1.25,17. Compared to the individual races, the team relay presents larger margins among the first three placements. ‘Cool Runnings’ came in second with 1.44,76. The third step of the podium was occupied by ‘Roadrunners Roomies & Roomies’ who scored 1.58,50.