Every two weeks, Iris wrote about her preparations for Erasmus Magazine. But she was hardly able to prepare due to an ankle injury. Ultimately, she was ready just in time for the big day.

“I am writing this last post with a big smile on my face. This Sunday, I successfully completed the Charity Run in less than an hour: 59 minutes and 19 seconds. After the race I spent a few days limping around, and climbing stairs was not fun, but it was definitely worth it. In the weeks before the race I tried to patch up my right leg together with my physiotherapist. Running was not easy, but it was a possibility again, which was enough for me to make it across the finish line this Sunday.

On the day of the Charity Run I took the metro to the meeting point, at the Erasmus University College. After a short speech and a warming-up, a few hundred Erasmus runners headed for the start of the quarter marathon on Blaak. When over 12,000(!) runners had gathered, we took off in three large groups.

The route went around the Kralingse Plas, and back to the finish on Coolsingel. My right leg protested and my stamina had definitely dropped due to my involuntary month-long break from running. But the cheering crowds, the music and my own internal motivational cursing (‘goddamnit’) prevented me from walking at any point in the race. After the finish I received a hero’s welcome from my significant other, after which I made my way home for a long shower and a very big lunch.

What’s next? I will have to continue with physiotherapy sessions for a while. As I intend to run half a marathon later this year, I will need some extra training to prevent my rather unfortunate leg injury from taunting me in the future. The Charity Run has raised a total amount of  €16,846,24, which is something I think we can all be proud of. Until next year?”

*Iris’ surname has been exceptionally removed on request for personal reasons.