Until April 13th, students and employees at Erasmus University will have the opportunity to nominate a professor who they think deserves to win this year’s Education Price. Students and employees are encouraged to vote for a member of the academic staff who they think performed outstandingly throughout the academic year. Nominees are expressed per faculty. If you wish to nominate someone please go on your faculty’s website.


dr. Mijke Slot
Last year’s winner dr. Mijke Slot

When looking at the winners’ list for the Education Award on the Erasmus University website, it is difficult to miss the striking predominance of male winners (forty-four male winners in total). Since 1987, it seems that only four female members of the academic staff were awarded with the Education Award. After nineteen years since the last female winner (mw. dr. M. Halbertsma), Dr Mijke Slot was awarded with the prize in 2015, for her achievements in education innovation participating in the creation of the first Erasmus Magazine’s MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

The majority of the winners appears to come from the largest faculties of the university, for instance Erasmus MC, ESE and the Faculty of Social Sciences. Smaller faculties seem to struggle to catch up. The reason doesn’t have to be the smaller number of votes coming from these faculties: the winner is eventually elected by a jury.

Complex procedure

The Education Prize is assigned by the Executive Board which is advised by a jury of experts made up of five members. These members are the Rector Magnificus who is the chairman, two professors and two students which change every year. The experts’ jury is, in turn, advised by an education specialist and the chairman of the Trust Fund.

The 28th Education Award will be assigned at the end of August during the Opening of the Academic year ceremony which last year took place the 31st August. The winner will get a certificate and 7,000 euro