Sitting on an empty crate while listening to an up-and-coming band or watching a theatre show from a raised bed. Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Thursday, 25 February will see the 2016 edition of Stukafest, where students’ rooms are converted into veritable theatre stages.

In several students’ rooms in Rotterdam West you will be able to listen to musicians, attend theatre shows or participate in workshops. Since you can only attend three events, EM rang Stukafest chairwoman Eva Lemstra and asked her which three events to attend on your way to the after party. Which three students’ rooms should you not miss this Thursday evening?

Improvised poetry

Round 1 (8.30-9.00pm): “A down-to-earth Dutchman, who can be easily followed even with a beer in your hand,” is how Lemstra describes Rotterdam poet Lars van der Werf. “Kick off your evening with Versjes van Lars (in Dutch).” Not just because his performance at Coolhaven takes place relatively far away from the other shows, but mainly, Lemstra says, because he exemplifies the diversity of the Stukafest line-up. “And if there aren’t too many people, he will come up with custom-made poems, improvised on the spot.”

Psychedelic Ukrainians

Round 2 (9.30-10.00pm): If it’s up to the 2016 Stukafest chairwoman, you will then bike down Heemraadssingel towards Adriaan Mildersstraat to watch Ukrainian band Grisly Faye play. “No show is ever the same,” says Lemstra. “We expect it to be a somewhat chaotic, psychedelic show. Great stuff to lose yourself in.”


Find some rhythm for the after party

Round 3 (10.30-11.00pm): For your third event, Lemstra recommends attending the percussion workshop taught by drummer and percussionist Ulas Aksunger at Middellandplein. It’s precisely the sort of thing that makes Stukafest so unique: making music together and moving around in the intimate setting of a small student’s room, while supervised by an artist. “The idea is that everyone will play Ulas Aksunger’s beats. And yeah, it will be just the sort of thing that will get you in the mood for dancing at the after party in Rotown, where DJs Damoon and Steven Pieters will be playing.”


Tickets for the entire evening (three events plus after party) cost € 14.50 each, but you can also buy single event tickets for € 5.50 each, or a Rotown after party ticket for € 2 each. Tickets can be pre-ordered until Thursday evening. Some events have already sold out, so be sure to order your tickets quickly! For more information, check out Stukafest’s website.