The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) has struck a deal with Wiley publishers, allowing scientists to make their work freely accessible in the open-access sections of Wiley’s many journals.

At some point in 2016 – there’s no certainty yet of the exact date – all of Wiley’s hybrid scientific journals will become freely accessible to anyone. Hybrid journals are subscription journals in which some articles are freely accessible to anyone.

Easier open access to scientific literature

Thanks to the new deal, all articles whose primary author is affiliated with a Dutch university will from now on be published in the freely accessible sections of Wiley’s hybrid journals. Some 1,400 of the 1,500 journals Wiley publishes will be included in the scheme. Thanks to the new deal, researchers will no longer have to pay to have their articles published in these journals. In addition, any interested party will be able to read their papers free of charge, as the required subscription fees have been paid by VSNU. The agreement will remain in force until 2019.

Wiley currently has sixty open-access journals, which are not included in the so-called ‘Big Deal’. If researchers wish to have their articles published in these journals, they will continue to have to pay APC (Article Publishing Charges). The same is true for publishing in subscription journals.