There’s a new exhibition to be seen in the Erasmus Gallery with works not yet seen on campus. These are primarily works purchased in 2014 and 2015.

The collection, aptly named ‘New’, consists of works from various artists, including Ellen Kooi, Erwin Olaf and Hamid El Kanbouhi. “Erwin Olaf is a major addition as we didn’t have any works by this Dutch photographer in our collection”, says Anne Clement van Vugt of the Art Affairs department.

Artworks for Erasmus University are purchased by the university’s art committee. “A number of the works will be presented as a group once the exhibition closes. The lending gallery for employees was also taken into consideration as the works are very suitable for office walls,” says Steven Lamberts, chair of the art committee.

Another factor taken into account is major renovations such as the one taking place at the University Library. “For example, in the library there are quite large wall spaces. That’s why we acquired larger works.” Both photographs and paintings can be seen at the exhibition.

A more international character

“We buy a lot of modern art. At first mostly Dutch art or art from Rotterdam-based artists was purchased, but recently we started buying more international works, something which is consistent with the internationalisation of the campus. When purchasing art we try to determine whether it will be appealing to young people and if it is appropriate for the building’s design. Every year we attend two or three art fairs with as many members of the committee as possible. At these fairs we look for suitable additions to the collection. In some cases these works are then acquired”, says Lamberts.

The exhibition will run until 18 March.