The International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) seeks to present a clearer profile for the next few years. This will also involve consolidating its four research programmes.

According to Hutter in an EM interview, the The Hague institute’s main challenge in the next few years will be creating a clearer profile. ‘Whenever I enter the building, I can tell how passionate we are and what expertise we have, but we could stand to make this more obvious to outsiders.’

Looking towards the future and building things

Hutter has been in charge of ISS for half a year now. The Institute is fresh from extensive restructuring, which involved some of its support staff moving to Rotterdam’s Woudestein Campus. ‘The restructuring is over and done with now; it’s a done deal,’ Hutter said. ‘Now we can look towards the future and start building things.’

They are working on a vision for the future, designed to give ISS a clear profile. ‘Global development and social justice will be our main research theme, the umbrella subject on which everyone agrees, and a clear voice to others.’

One umbrella research programme

In practice, this vision means that the Institute’s four research programmes will be merged. ‘In truth, we’re not big enough for four independent research programmes. We aim to establish an umbrella research programme in which everyone participates.’ This would also allow for more interdisciplinary co-operation within the Institute.