Christmas is just around the corner and so it’s time to hand out the Christmas gift boxes again. The C-Hall in the Theil Building was magically transformed into a real Christmas paradise on Tuesday afternoon.

In total, around 1,500 gift boxes were handed out. Employees could choose to keep the gift box or donate it to the food bank. Most of the employees kept the gift box for themselves, but they were planning to do various things with the contents. For example, Renee Lagerwerf will be giving his Christmas gift box to his mother this year. Annette van der Laan kept her gift box, but wants to open it under the Christmas tree with her child. Esther Schoen thought it would have been nice to unpack the boxes together in the hall. However, most employees left them closed, the contents remaining a secret.

Smoked sausage rolls and gluhwein

There was a lively atmosphere in the hall thanks to the many stalls and the presence of Father Christmas and the Christmas elves. All sorts of things were available. For instance, there was a stall selling smoked sausage rolls, you could pick up a glass of glühwein from another, and Dutch pea soup was being handed out. In addition to this, all kinds of other snacks were available such as pulled pork and hangover cocktails.

But what was in it?

The gift box itself consisted of a white trolley filled with all sorts of things, including South African wine, freshly roasted peanuts, apple and pear juice, cheese balls with sun-dried tomatoes, green tea and milk chocolate waffles.