Last week, Young@EUR organised a curling workshop for the university’s junior employees. For an hour, the group received instruction in the basic techniques of curling at a skating rink.

For the first few minutes out on the ice, everyone was a bit wobbly, but most participants got the hang of it quite quickly. The workshop began with participants practising the push-off, i.e. pushing away a curling stone. Initially, they practised pushing off two stones at once, so as to maintain a better balance.

Balance is key

According to the instructor, who is an ice hockey player himself, curling is all about finding the right balance while pushing off. “As long as you’re moving straight ahead, you will be able to properly steer the stone, so it’s crucial that you find the right balance.” After the participants had spent some time practising their push-off techniques, it was time for a game. Various teams took each other on, with two teams tying for first place in the end.


Young@EUR, the university’s young employees’ network, regularly organises events such as drinks and workshops. Participant Bruce Kung, who works at RSM, said they are a great way to meet other junior employees. “I love taking part in these sorts of activities. They’re a good way to meet more people from other faculties. Except for activities such as these, you’re likely to spend the majority of your time talking to people who work at your own faculty.”