How likely are Erasmus students to end up in jail? Sure, there is always an outside chance, but generally speaking, students are unlikely to go to jail. To remedy that, a festival called ‘In de bak’ (Behind Bars) will be held in the former prison on the Noordsingel, for all you virtuous people who would never go to jail for any other reasons.

festival 12 inchCity Behind Bars 2

The jail was built over 150 years ago and over time has confined criminals such as the infamous Willem Holleeder. In other words, it’s a great location for a party!

This Saturday, a dance festival will be held at the jail, called 12 inchCity Behind Bars. Four cell blocks will be transformed into four different styles of dance halls. You’re expected to report at the gate between 12 and 2pm and once you’re inside, you obviously won’t be allowed to leave.

This Sunday, the jail will host a quieter kind of party: Swan Market, bringing you stalls laden with vintage products and jewellery, food trucks and local bands. This will be your last opportunity to go behind bars, because after this weekend, the jail will be converted into a block of flats.

Of course, if you’d rather party outside a jail, you’re free to head to Losgeld in Rotown for some dirty R&B. Or alternatively, head to Museumpark, which will be transformed into a scene straight from One Thousand and One Nights for the Djemaa El Fna food festival, named after the famous market place in Marrakech.