Students celebrating their magical 18th birthday during Eureka week can exchange their orange wristband for a green one. And that’s definitely worth a celebration!

“On Monday, we’d already had students come in who’d turned 18 at midnight and on Tuesday, we saw three Eureka week students,” says crew member Rachel Ligtvoet who is answering questions all week at the Service Point. “They come in to let us know, looking very excited. We wish them a happy birthday of course, and then change the wristband details in the system. Then they usually head straight for the bar to buy a round.”

Sneaky beer
New IBCoM student Nathalie celebrated her birthday on Wednesday – the first sunny day of the week – but didn’t realise she had to exchange her wristband. “I thought I could just show my ID if I wanted a drink, but now I know this I’ll certainly go and change it. If I can, why not?” In fact Nathalie has already had a beer this week. “Yesterday during the biercantus (beer sing-along), I had a sneaky beer”, she admits reluctantly. Erasmus Magazine congratulates everyone celebrating their birthday this week.