A burning cigarette appears to be the cause of the outdoor fire at Erasmus University, last Saturday. On the terraces in front of the C-hall, a smoking ban has been introduced, effective immediately.

The fire broke out at around 14 o’clock in a smoking area on the terraces. A still burning cigarette probably fell in the hollow space below the tiles of the terrace. The roof there is made out of incendiary material. To stop the fire, the firemen had to break open a large part of the terrace.

Because of the fire, around 200 people had to leave the surrounding buildings Theil (C), Tinbergen (H) and the University Library. Nobody got injured. As of this weekend, there is a ban on smoking on the square and in front of the affected entrance to the Tinbergen building, at the side of the Pavillion, until a permanent solution has been found. Signs will designate where smoking is and is not allowed.