The Executive Board is exploring the possibility of further expanding the available electives for a minor in the third year of the bachelor’s degree. Increasing optional subjects to 30 points is expected to facilitate cooperation with other universities.

At the present time, EUR only has a total allowance of 15 ECTS available for a minor. With the additional points, students will not only be able to take optional courses or complete an internship, they can also use the 30 ECTS for an exchange or a subsequent minor. The plan is to go into effect in 2017.

Easier to follow minors at other faculties and universities

The additional electives would make the EUR’s minors and the minors of other universities more interchangeable, which makes it easier for students to take classes at a different faculty or university. According to the Executive Board, the quality of the courses can be improved by a review of the available minors as a whole.

Students can give suggestions

A number of meetings on this topic will still be held over the course of June. The Executive Board will then determine how to formulate the minor restructuring proposal. The Executive Board calls on students and employees to submit their questions and suggestions. ES