Café in de Smitse, or simply ‘de Smitse’ as it is affectionately referred by students, will move to a new location in March 2016. Although the final contracts are yet to be signed, the bar looks set to move to the Hatta Building.

The bar will begin to pay rent as of next year, however current Chair of Café in de Smitse, Pasqualle Seijkens, has confirmed prices will not be raised, ‘at least in the next couple of years’.

Moving to the Hatta Building’s 1st floor means more space and a larger terrace for the student bar. “The capacity will grow to around 350 people, our terrace will be on the [new] plaza in the sun, and will be much larger,” explained Pasqualle. Other plans include a room for private functions, and the ‘option to do some hot snacks,’ she said. De Smitse will continue to work with volunteers, however the new location will provide more flexibility regarding opening hours, ‘as the building won’t close at 22:45,’ as is the case now.

‘More modern industrial look’

The bar is working with architects and interior designers to create the new-look Smitse, but they want to retain the current atmosphere. “Right now, we have a very brown, traditional looking bar. We still want to keep the vibe that’s in the Smitse now, but in a bit of a more modern industrial look,” said Pasqaulle. HK