A 19 year old Erasmus School of Economics student unexpectedly passed away last Friday after an Econometry class. During class, he became unwell. Later in the hospital, he passed away.

Juri Rosvetov (19) became ill during a class of Linear Programming. Staff trained for emergency situations tried to revive him. Despite their best efforts, he eventually passed away. The cause of his death is unknown.

Fellow student Jovana Milanovic describes Juri as a sweet, quiet and social young man: “Often he told me about his biggest passion in life: music. He loved to make music and perform live, together with his band”, Jovana remembers.

‘Friendly and serious guy’

Teacher dr. Emiel Caron of the Linear Programming class, experienced Juri as a ‘friendly and serious guy’. “Juri was passionate about programming. He always attended class well-prepared. He made a positive contribution to classes”, Emiel Caron says.

In the Tinbergen building, room H11-08 is available for condolences. The funeral will be on Friday 15 May at 11 o’clock, in the chapel of cemetary Crooswijk, Kerkhoflaan 1 in Rotterdam. Erasmus School of Economics has written an obituary (Dutch) for Juri Rosvetov on our website. ES