Tram-Poes, or Tram-Cat in English, is a regular feature at the Oude Plantage tram stop. Tram-Poes has become quite the celebrity, receiving international media attention and he now boasts a growing fan base on Facebook.

Tram-Poes’ Facebook Fan Page creator, Roos Kloosterman, explained how she came to know the celebrity pooch. “I live near the tram stop and I saw him ten years ago. We became friends, we would cuddle every time I was there waiting, and I thought he was cool. My girlfriends and I thought that we would start a page to post selfies and pictures of Tram-Poes, and that’s how the Facebook page started.”

‘Loving the attention’

According to Roos, Tram-Poes hasn’t let his new found fame go to his head. ‘Sometimes his owners are looking for him around their home, but he’s quite enjoying it. He loves the attention. It’s not overwhelming for himself, but maybe a little for his owners’. For those hoping to catch a glimpse of Tram-Poes, Roos advises to check ‘tram-stop Oude Plantage, and sometimes, on the other side of the road, in a bush’.

Photo: Tram-Poes Facebook page

Roos, who knows Tram-Poes’ humans, was unsure of his background prior to moving to the Oude Plantage area. “He’s an orphan really, one time he just walked into his [current] owner’s house and he just stayed” she said.

A regular feature for over ten years, there are several theories as to why Tram-Poes waits. “Some people think he’s waiting for someone on the tram, others say there is people who are feeding him there. That’s probably the biggest reason, because people are feeding him” said Roos.

Tram-Poes likes travelling

Tram-Poes is no stranger to travel, in fact, Roos says it’s really one of his hobbies. He’s been found before in Den Haag and Leiden, which would involve a journey by tram before boarding the train. It’s unknown if he paid the fare due, or was simply hitching a ride. “He also takes smaller trips on the tram’, Ross explained, ‘with RET conductors putting him back on other trams to the original Tram-Poes station’.