Although the 100th anniversary year of student association Laurentius already began last December, the real festivities will start on the 9th of May. On that day, a series of events will kick off the ‘Lustrum May Party’, and for the rest of the month there will be plenty of activitie on offer. Some of these will also be accessible to non-members.

Recently, the location for the events was made public by Laurentius. All the parties will take place at Prins Alexanderlaan 37, where they have booked an indoor and outdoor terrain for several activities.

The Lustrum May Party on the 9th of May.

What to expect: here you can sing along with current and former Laurentius bands. Care for some classic rock songs? Then this is the right party for you! It will set you back 17,50 euro.

Food Festival on 17 May – Meat The Family

Who will you meet: The culinary ‘connaisseur’ that loves to visit hipster food festivals. Although most festivals like this are quite expensive, here you can expect to eat your pizza slice or sushiroll on a student budget.

Entrance is free.

The Final Party on 22 May – Doorgedraaid

Why you would want to go: Because, maybe, you’ve just finished your exams or thesis and feel like jumpstarting the holiday season? Or, maybe, because you’ll be able to see silly-named artists perform, such as D-wayne, Vinzzent and Plan de Champagne. Need more reasons? There will also be a ‘Mystery Guest’. What will it cost you? 15 euro.

For more information and tickets, go to NB