The annual International Student Barometer (ISB) indicates that international students are generally satisfied with Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). The university was eighth among Dutch institutions of higher education last year, whereas it is in third place this year.

The standard of academic English is the most highly rated relative to the standard at other participating Dutch universities. No Dunglish at the Erasmus University!

International students are also very happy about the quality of student accommodation, but they consider it to be too expensive. Only 44 percent called the accommodation cost in Rotterdam favourable.

Money seems to be a real issue for international students at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. They were least satisfied about matters like financial support (the possibility of obtaining a grant) and the possibility of working while studying. Regarding the aspect of working while studying, Dutch legislation makes it more difficult for non-EU students to work or complete work placements in the Netherlands.

Multiculturalism is highly appreciated amongst international students. Over 1,700 students participated in the ISB and almost all of them consider EUR to be a multicultural university. NB