The new Erasmus Honours Academy wants to use part of the Erasmus Pavilion for its own purposes. The student workplaces currently available are to make room for the home base of the Honours students’ community.

The intention is to establish a permanent meeting place for current honours students and alumni from all faculties. According to the Honours Academy Dean, Awee Prins, it is not entirely certain that the home base will actually be in the Pavilion. ‘We are also looking at the new Multifunctional Education Building, because we’re not completely sure the Pavilion is financially feasible for us”, the Dean said. The Multifunctional Education Building is currently being constructed, so that will not be an option anytime soon. Prins is hoping to open the home base over the summer period.

“Honours students will be able to use the home base for studying or project collaboration. We also want to organize meetings and events for the students’, Charissa Rentier says. She is the coördinator for Community Development of the Erasmus Honours Academy. Last Friday the Academy had their first social meeting at the Pavilion. ES