Almost 400 staff and students of Erasmus University upheld the university’s honour during Sunday’s Rotterdam Marathon. They were also participating for a good cause: the Erasmus Charity Run raised around 14,000 euros for the Erasmus Education Fund.

All of the university’s runners gathered at Erasmus University College, where they completed warming-up exercises together under the guidance of trainer Gerard Jan de Ruiter.

First time

Nicolette van den Bosch took part in the quarter marathon (just over 10 kilometres) together with her sister Anouk. It was the first time that they participated in a race. As Nicolette explained, “We spontaneously took up running two months ago. The Erasmus Charity Run was a perfect goal at the time. We really trained for it. We would be out there two or three times a week without fail. It started with three minutes of running followed by a minute of rest, and we really progressed from there.”

The race therefore went without a hitch for Nicolette and Anouk. “Perhaps not the fastest time, but all in all it went very well. Things started getting tougher after seven or eight kilometres. My sister preferred following close behind for most of the race, but we started running side by side at Coolsingel.” The two sisters therefore ended with the same time of 1:11:59.

For co-organiser Rick Salomé (Erasmus School of Economics), it was likewise “a beautiful day with great weather”. He also ran the quarter marathon, and quite convincingly at that: with a time of 38:05, he was the fastest EUR participant. Karlijn Schipper was the fastest EUR lady with a time of 46:40.

Helping talented individuals

The money raised will be handed over to the Erasmus Education Fund on Thursday. The fund makes student grants available to talented young people from less privileged backgrounds to make it possible for them to develop into future leaders. ES

Best EUR results:

Top 3 men, quarter marathon

Rick Salome, ESE  38:05

Quinten Lainert, FSW 38:50

Ido Segev, RSM 39:44

Top 3 women, quarter marathon

Karlijn Schipper, FSW 46:40

Isabella Hoesch, EUC 50:07

Rosalie Dieleman, ESE 53:06

Full marathon

Tautvydas Vaicius, Erasmus MC  3:15:48

Leon Goor, ESHCC 3:32:26

Rein Eijlers, Erasmus MC 3:37:23

Fastest teams