Bikes, mopeds and motorcycles parked outside of designated parking areas on campus will have a second lock placed on them. It will cost €7.50 to have the lock removed.

Last year, the second lock scheme was introduced to reduce the number of bikes parked outside of designated parking spaces. Security changed their approach and instead tried to caution staff and students against the practice, however as the problem persists, the second lock scheme has been restarted.

‘Cautions failed’

Jelle Jager, head of security at EUR, explained that simply cautioning people against parking their bikes outside of designated areas failed to improve the situation, so they have had to return to the previous, more costly method. The re-introduction of the second lock scheme, according to Jager, will see signs posted warning staff and students of the consequences for parking outside designated areas.

Security officers will, when a bike/moped/motorcycle is outside of the designated parking spaces, attach a second lock and an information notice. To have the lock removed, a payment of €7.50 will need to be paid at the Security Lodge in the W-Building.

Problem areas will be targeted said Jager, and particularly the “the lower part of the campus”. Outside the Thiel Building’s entrance on Institutenlaan, one of the problem’s hotspots, extra locks have been prepared for security to use immediately. For those looking for alternative parking spaces, Jager suggests the cycle parking near the tennis courts (P5), and the underground bike shed near the Thiel Building (C Building). HK