Over the next few weeks, Erasmus University will be rolling out a new app for students who have a smartphone. The OSIRIS app lets you find out your grades, your schedule and the latest news.

The home screen displays an overview of your latest scheduling changes, your exam grades and the latest news from SIN-online (which includes messages from the Erasmus Magazine-channel!)

First exclusive to medicine

So far, the app has only been launched at Erasmus MC. The medical faculty has been using the app for two weeks already. Sanne van de Walle is one of the some 200 medical students to have installed the app. She’s very pleased with it. “You can look up your schedule and grades really quickly. And you can even look up where a particular building is, so you can find your classes.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to work very well at Erasmus MC just yet; the entire hospital is considered a single location.

Despite this, Sanne is quite happy with the function. “I can even look up satellite pictures and see where I am now. And at Woudestein, the app should definitely be able to recognise the buildings, so I should be able to mark out a route to class there.” ES