It seems likely that staff at Social Sciences anxious about their future in the faculty will have to wait a little longer before they hear more. The reorganisation plan, which was originally due for completion at the start of February, will now be submitted to the faculty council in mid March.

The faculty council planned to discuss the paper on 2 March, but that meeting has been postponed until 24 March. Staff would have received personal information about their future in April, but it doesn’t seem likely that this deadline will be met.

According to spokesperson Marjolein Kooistra from FSW, ‘a little more time is needed to carefully finalise the reorganisation plan.’ Ms Kooistra is unable to divulge the reason for the delay.

Social Sciences have been having financial problems for some years and have been considering a reorganisation since the end of 2013. In January of this year, dean Henk van der Molen announced the plan to merge Psychology and Pedagogic Sciences on the one hand and Business Administration and Sociology on the other. In total, around 23 FTEs will be lost, some of whom have already left as a result of natural turnover. ES