After a huge rise in the number of first year students at the EUR in 2013, last year the number rose again, albeit only slightly. According to the latest figures, published on Wednesday, there were precisely seven more first year students than the previous year.

This year, 4354 first years enrolled at the University, a rise of 0.2 percent. As such, Rotterdam is doing pretty well. Nationally, the number of first year students fell by 2.4 percent. Only 6 institutions can present growth figures. Eindhoven University of Technology showed the biggest rise, welcoming 9.5 percent more first year students.

Overtaking Leiden

In 2013, Erasmus University experienced a massive 17.8 percent increase. This result enabled the EUR to overtake Leiden University on the list of universities with the most first years. This list is topped by Groningen University. HOP/ES