The lifts on the south side of the Tinbergen building have been out of operation since December. In order to alleviate the problems, Erasmus Facility Services (EFB) has now taken a part from lift 4 in the Mandeville building to repair one lift in the Tinbergen building.

According to the EFB, there is a problem with a part which regulates the frequency of the two lifts in the Tinbergen building. As a result, the lifts stop at random floors where they remain for five minutes before continuing to the desired floor. While awaiting the replacement materials, the EFB has attempted to keep the lifts operating. However, the risk of employees becoming panic-stricken by sudden long stops was too great. In January, the lifts were shut down.


Unfortunately, the usual part is no longer available from the supplier, so the repair has been delayed. The EFB has therefore come up with an interim solution. The frequency part in lift 4 of the Mandeville has been sacrificed to get one lift in the Tinbergen building going again. The lift in the Mandeville building is now out of operation, but the EFB says that this is not causing problems. Furthermore, the lift in the Tinbergen building has priority. “The repair was just taking too long. Staff can also take the lift on the north side, but that made it very busy and many people prefer to enter the building on the south side,” according to one EFB employee.

Delivery of the new parts is expected at the end of February, bringing an end to the problems. EvR