Following the arrest of Erasmus employee Dwight B., 4 more arrests followed – off campus – on Tuesday and Wednesday. According to the Public Prosecutor, 3 young women and 1 man are also implicated in the misappropriation case involving the administrative assistant.

On Tuesday, Erasmus Magazine reported that two non-uniformed officers had arrested the man at his work. He is suspected of misappropriating 22,000 euros. For privacy reasons, EM did not report the suspect’s name or department.

According to national newspaper Telegraaf, Dwight B. had changed account numbers on invoices. The 3 women aged 22, 25 and 27 from Rotterdam and Vlaardingen are alleged to have helped him misappropriate the money. The 34 year old man from Rotterdam was arrested separately on Wednesday.

Unpaid invoice

Back in the autumn of 2014, the University had launched an investigation into irregularities in the creditors’ department, after a contractor complained that his invoice had not been paid. The investigation showed that B. had digitally changed the account numbers so that the money was paid into a different account. The University subsequently contacted the police.

Camera images

Camera images of ATMs enabled the police to establish with certainty that it was B. who had withdrawn the money from one of the accounts. The officers then took the photo of the man with them to the University, where colleagues recognised B.

The 5 suspects in the embezzlement case await their trial at home. ES/EvR